DexDamp is a pressure sensitive elastomeric vibration damping material. How's that for a mouthful? In plain English, it's a flexible, peel and stick sheet which can be applied to a variety of surfaces to reduce vibration and noise. Best of all it's less expensive than Dynamat.

Technical Specs

"How To" instructions & technical specs for DexDamp.


DexDamp dramatically decreases road noise & engine rattle.


DexDamp muffles HVAC & mechanical noise in commercial buildings.


DexDamp deadens noise in plumbing lines and waste conduits.

DexDamp's damping material is covered with a thin aluminum foil layer which improves performance and provides a paintable, finished surface. Ordinary film adhesives can fail if the bonding surface is not perfectly clean, especially on vertical surfaces. DexDamp is different. It will bond to almost anything.